The Best “one-stop car shop” for buying or leasing a car in the UK.

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We can supply any car, to your personal preference, New or Used


We can arrange finance (leasing or HP) with a number of prime UK lenders


We can have all documentation in place for your arrival, so you are ready to drive away


We will take the pain and stress of leaving and buy your car back at a fair market price

Expatcar is best described as a “one-stop car shop”. You decide what car you want, and how much money you want to spend, you use the car for the term of your assignment and when you are ready to go home we will simply buy the car back from you.

In addition to supplying a vehicle, throughout your stay, with our nationwide contacts in the motor industry, we can arrange to have your car serviced, or repaired if you have had a minor accident and generally take the stress factor out of owning it. But our service does not stop there. We can arrange finance, insurance, registration and road tax and have you “on the road” within 48 hours of your arrival – and in most cases, 24 hours! We can also often supply courtesy cars (loaners)on your arrival into the UK.

At ExpatCar we pride ourselves on being able to supply you with any model and specification of car at a price that meets your requirements.

With free delivery and collection we can guarantee that it will be the easiest and most relaxed way you will ever buy a car.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome to the UK!


As you can imagine, applying for finance in a country where you have no credit history, often results in finding lots of doors closing for you. Expatcar have spent many years developing a relationship with a number of “prime” UK lenders to enable us to provide you with many finance options.

We are able to offer finance packages that are tailored to your needs, for example length of contract or assignment, mileage or simply family needs.

Our most popular options are:

Hire Purchase
Personal Contract Purchase (leasing)
Personal or Business Contract Hire

In order to provide this service we will require supporting paperwork and below is listed what we would normally require

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of working Visa
  • Copy of Driving Licence (this does not need to be a UK License)
  • Copy of tenancy agreement for UK property
  • Copy of Assignment letter in the UK
  • Details of HR dept in the UK
  • Recent UK bank statement or utility bill at the home address
  • Details of UK bank account

On occasion we are able to work with less, and sometimes the lenders may ask for additional information. We will discuss each case with you.

Regrettably finance is only available for cars that have been purchased through Expatcar, as we take on certain responsibilities for any car we agree to fund. If you have found a car we may be able to negotiate with your chosen dealer to facilitate this however please note that does not work all of the time.

In addition to finance, Expatcar are also able to accept US$ cheques or wire transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Information

People coming to the UK to work and live ask us many questions about cars and driving in the UK. You may find our list of frequently asked questions helpful on your arrival.

Should I buy a new car or a used car?

As they say, if the shoe fits, wear it! We are happy to offer terms on both new and used cars and although used cars depreciate slower, if you need a new car then we can help

What is the cost of insurance in the UK?

This will vary according to your location and the car you want, but as a rough guide about £500-£600 per annum in Surrey area and £800-£900 per annum in London.

What about car finance?

Subject to the vehicle being supplied by Expatcar, we can arrange a flexible finance package, usually within 24 hours subject to the provision of a few basic details.

What happens when I want to go home?

We will buy the car back from you at a realistic market price, even collecting the vehicle from you at the airport

What about servicing and repairs?

Where possible, we take care of all servicing and repair work and supply a “loaner” free of charge whilst we have your car. Payment for this service can be by cheque or card once we return your car.

What do you need in order to provide finance?

A full list of paperwork required is listed under the finance tab

This sounds amazing! How much does it cost us?

Nothing! There are no costs to you.

How do I dispose of my car when the time comes for me to leave the U.K?

We will buy the car outright or sell it on consignment for you. We will supply this service even if we did not supply the car in the first place

Going Home

So what’s wrong with the English weather?…Often a stressful time, but at Expatcar we will try and make this period as stress free as possible. We have a two phased approach to assisting you when that time has come to return home.

Phase 1:

We will arrange to meet with you at any London Airport  or Hotel to collect your vehicle, leaving you with the use of your vehicle right up until the very last minute you may need it. Often we meet clients at airport drop off points as they unload their cases for the trip home.

We will agree a value for the car prior to this point, and subject to any undisclosed damage or problems with the car. Transfer funds to your account before you touch down back home

We use industry standard valuation guides to ensure you get a fair price for your vehicle, and in the event of damage of mechanical problems we will endeavour to have these rectified for the minimal cost we can

Phase 2:

Arrival in the US: We work very closely with a number of US based companies, that supply a very similar service as Expatcar in the UK, for you when you know that you are going home. Let us know what you need and we will arrange for a US based company to contact you and assist with your requirements

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